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Counseling for Teens and Young Adults

Aileen provides support and evidence-based treatment for teens who are experiencing emotional, mental, or behavioral difficulties.  Aileen has over 28 years of experience working with teens and understands the stressors, family dynamic issues and the emotional landscape that teens face today.  Individual therapy can provide your teen with a safe outlet to express emotions, discuss sensitive topics and learn the most effective coping strategies available to thrive and succeed during these stressful and formative years.  Your teen must be willing to come to therapy as it is my bias and I do not recommend that teens be coerced or "forced" to come talk about their behavior or emotional issues with an outpatient clinician. 

If your teen is experiencing an immediate, life-threatening crisis, I recommend that you call 911 or take your teen to the nearest hospital to be assessed for "inpatient" or "partial hospitalization" treatment first.  Then call my office to set up outpatient therapy or family therapy as part of the "step-down" or discharge plan once the your child has stabilized and the immediate crisis has subsided.   If your teen is struggling with a severe eating disorder, a drug or alcohol addiction, or other addictive behaviors, I would refer you back to your insurance company for specialized eating disorder, or Drug and Addiction treatment first, and once your teen has completed treatment and is stabilized - feel free to call our office to check availability to set up outpatient therapy as part of the "step-down" or discharge plan.  Outpatient therapy is a good place to work on and examine the underlying causes and treat the issues that caused de-stabilization in the first place.

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