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What are your Self-Pay rates?

Self-pay options are available.  Payment is due a the time of service.  

This office accepts major credit/debit cards, flex-spending cards as well as cash and personal checks.   A "super-bill" invoice with all of the required information will be issued for those who would like to file for reimbursement or partial reimbursement to an out-of-network insurance company.  

$165.00 - 50-60 minute Initial Diagnostic Evaluation (Required)

$125.00 - 45 minute Individual Therapy Session

$150.00 - 60 minute Individual Therapy Session

$150.00 - 50 minute Family Therapy Session

$125.00 -45 minute Video Therapy Session  (Texas residents)

$150.00 - 60 minute Video Therapy Session (Texas residents)

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