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Video Counseling or "Tele-Mental Health"


Video Counseling offers you the convenience and safety of therapy without having to leave the comfort of your home.   You are able to receive all of the benefits of therapy without having to spend time or money traveling and sitting in a waiting area.  It is also ideal for those who have difficulty driving, have small children at home or distance clients such as in-state college students while away at school.   In this tech-centered time it is considered ideal for clients ages 13 and up.  

Self-Pay Rates for Telehealth sessions :

45 minute session  - $125.00

60 Minute session - $150.00

90 minute session - $185.00

What do you need to get started after being assessed as appropriate for Tele-mental health by the therapist?

1) Proof of Texas residency- must reside in Texas (due to clinicians scope of license and insurance coverage)

2) A smart-phone, tablet or newer computer with a camera and microphone built-in

3) A WIFI connection or high speed internet connection, the

"Telehealth by Simple Practice" app. is now available for smartphones or tablets.

5) You will need a block of time with privacy on your end and a private place of your choosing for your session - that is up to your discretion.

6)  Initial Demographic and Intake paperwork will need to be completed, as well as signed consent forms and consent to treat forms to participate in video counseling (as provided by your clinician through the portal).

(You will also need to give your therapist the name and phone number of Emergency Contact persons in case an emergency situation should arise during your session. )

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